Chamapura was created through many experiences and studies about Psychology (MA, MS), Mindfulness (Pepperdine University),  Kundalini Yoga (Yoga West), Yoga Dance (Fernanda Cunha), Shamanism (Amanda Eloesh),  Priestesses Path (Urban Priestess with Sianna Sherman and Ashley Turner) and  Womb Blessing- Moon Mother Level 2 (Miranda Gray).

Patricia Lima Hauerwaas, MA, MS

Patricia Lima Hauerwaas is the founder of Chamapura. She has a  post-graduate in Psychology with a specialization in Bioenergetics and Cognitive Therapies. She obtained her Masters of Arts and Masters of Science in the USA. She lived in California, where she fell in love with meditation and yoga. She became a Kundalini Yoga teacher with KRI certification under Yoga West in Los Angeles. Hence, she did many yoga and meditation training in the USA, Brazil, Indonesia, and India. She studied with Guru Singh, Fernanda Cunha, Octavio Salvado, Marco Schultz, Prabodhy, and Jerome Front. Patricia is also a certified Moon Mother (level 2) under the studies of Miranda Gray. Nowadays, she studies the path of the Priestesses (Urban Priestess Mystery School™) with Sianna Sherman and Ashley Turner. Patricia has been integrating all her knowledge by facilitating groups with dance, meditation, body-mind-soul techniques in order to expand the subtle energy that resides in each one of us with her new creation called Kundalini Dance Meditation. She continues offering Kundalini Yoga workshops and retreats, Reiki, Womb Blessings, The Gift For Men, counseling, and online coaching.

We were all born pure, flexible, and in plenitude. However with so many rules and beliefs from the society, we have learned that we are no longer free. We become rigid with fears and frustrations. Our emotions are not so welcomed anymore. And our body tells us how much rigidity, fear, and discomfort we have carried along our lives. Reich talked about the defensive mechanisms and layers that are accumulated in our body. Lowen also discussed in his theory about our character structure that develops with our experiences and beliefs in our life.

“You want to ride the whole Universe; you want to control everybody and you don't have control of your own mind. That's the painful state. “

Yogi Bhajan


Every single cell in our body knows what they need to do to bring us back to the state of "free beings" from the beginning of our lives. The biggest challenge is our mind. Our mind creates obstacles most of the time if we don't know how to control it. Psychology explains cognitive patterns and beliefs that are internalized in our subconscious. However, as soon as we make our minds our best ally, we are able to conquer everything we desire. It's simple and so powerful like that!

Then, there is the importance of shadow work and deepening our knowledge about our emotions and belief systems. How many times have you sabotaged yourself and you didn't achieve your goal? How often have you been unsure of what to do with your fears, anxieties, insecurities, guilt?

The more you know yourself, the more you are the master of your mind and your actions.

"Who looks outside dreams.

Who looks inside, awakes." - Carl Jung

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