Welcome to your feminine authenticity!

Ready to discover your inner powers?

Your pure light calls you! The word Chamapura has two meanings in Portuguese: “pure flame” and “pure calling.” Chamapura is what I call the Kundalini energy. This beautiful, creative, powerful energy that wants to be awakened to show its most unique magical powers.

Your pure unique and divine being calls you. It is a calling of your “true self” that removes all the masks, thoughts and beliefs that don’t suit you anymore. Your sleeping flame when it hears the calling lightens up and dances withing you. It invites you to the most beautiful transformation. You are neither body nor mind anymore. You are the pure flame.

Do you want to live to your full potential?


Do you feel that for some reason you lost your soul, the purpose of your life, the love and happiness in you and around you? Are you feeling stuck and you don't know how to step out from the automatic and reactive state to a fulfilling life where you are in charge of manifesting and attracting everything you want


Are you struggling with the same old patterns, personally and/or professionally? In your career or relationships and not feeling completely satisfied with your life?


Perhaps you are feeling tired and overwhelmed juggling so many roles. You know that you should have more time for yourself and pleasure in your life but how?


This is because you haven't yet known your "pure flame" (or your inner powers)! Every situation in your life comes for a reason and most of the time is to challenge you to bring up your unique full potential. You have this power in you!



How long are you going to wait without knowing it? Without living your dream?









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Get empowered by awakening your kundalini and womb energies!


The Goddess IS You

An interactive 4 weeks online program

My role is not to show my superpowers but to inspire women by helping them reveal their own superpowers.

My name is Patricia Lima Hauerwaas and I am passionate about helping spiritually connected women to be truly authentic to themselves and reach their full potential in life.


Once I understood my fears and subconscious limitations, I stepped outside my comfort zone, I moved to the USA and got 2 Master's Degrees in Psychology, a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Certification, worked with Olympic athletes, travelled the world seeking for more spiritual tools, learned the Path of the Priestesses and healing work of the womb where the feminine power resides, and had many beautiful teachers along the way. And one more time, I reinvented myself moving to Germany to be with the man of my dreams. Yeah, believe me! The one I asked for! Once I looked inside, comforted my insecurities, and loved myself deeply enough, all my dreams came true! If I can do it, I know you can do it too! Therefore, I created Chamapura based on my academic and spiritual path to help women to get back to their magic and creative powers.

'Sometimes our Self gets lost.
Sometimes we forget how beautiful we are,
How full of strength and love we are.
Remind yourself ‘I am me’
and the Divine Feminine will reflect back 
the most beautiful image of you.' 

Miranda Gray



Chamapura is a combination of different techniques to bring back women's power and authenticity.

Chamapura works on physical, cognitive and emotional levels. It provides well-being for each individual. It works the physical level with Kundalini Yoga and Kundalini Dance Meditation with spontaneous dance along the chakras (energetic wheels located at our spine). Chakras and womb energies can be worked through healing work, meditation, kriyas, music, and dance. Chamapura works also on a cognitive and emotional level through a holistic therapy based on shadow work and techniques to overcome one's limiting beliefs. And finally, it works on a soul level to manifest and attract exactly what you want in your life with mediations, rituals, ceremonies, and Womb blessings.


"The mind should dance with the body, the whole Universe is your stage, the soul your choreographer. Try to feel that whatever you are doing is the most beautiful thing, the prettiest dance, because you dance with the whole Universe. Don’t resent anything. Forgive everything. Express your essence. Let your heart guide you, free of all limitation, regimentation, and fear."

-Yogi Bhajan




• Connection and immersion in your authenticity and inner child


• Body consciousness, understanding its emotions, and thoughts


• An opportunity for breaking patterns and building assertive thoughts and actions


• Promotes body and mind relaxation


• Builds more energy and cardiovascular health


• The capability of expanding your energy through the chakra’s system awareness


• Builds creativity and enhances your potential


• Builds vitality, well-being, self-love, and self-confidence


• Sets your “critic self"  free


• Opens your heart and mind to success, love, and infinite possibilities to attract and manifest your dreams and live your purpose





"Life should be a continuous celebration, a festival of lights the whole year round. Only then you can grow up, you can blossom. Transform small things into celebration." - Osho

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